Terms and conditions

"20 Years of transforming the world for the benefit of every human being"Fakih's Charitable Trust envisions a better world for the people. As the socio-civic arm of Fakih Group of Companies aims and believes that being charitable is not only to give away old clothes and things that people don't want but to provide and to fulfill the never ending thirst and hunger of every human being continuously help them to feel strongly about moving forward.We provide jobs to the less fortunate especially for disabled and windows in different parts of the world by means of handicrafts. Fakih Group of Companies facilitate training and seminars for them to be equipped on a certain field of crafting and through these our artisans (men or women, young or old) can help their families, support their studies and provide the primary needs to survive in everyday's life.Fakih's Charitable Trust is involved in different charitable institutions by sponsoring some events to help people fight poverty and ignorance and give opportunity to those who were locked out. Giving priorities to the children to support their studies as a preparation for their future.We are also trying to help distressed people by counseling, to cope and release their worries, because we believe that a person with a strong mind and will power can deal with any kind of problems in his/her life. Therefore, we want to help them build that internal strength through counseling.

Online Exchange Policy

1. The products can be exchanged within 30days from the date of purchase.

2. The products can be exchanged if it's in original condition and packaging.

3. Original invoice to be presented at the time of exchange. 4. During the exchange, customer can select any products with the same value or higher value, the value difference of the products and the shipping cost however will be paid by the customer.

5. During the exchange process delivery charges will be paid by the customers.

Shipping Policy

A) Shipping time stated within our web shop is approximate. Goods will be sent to the address given by you in your order. If there are any changes to the details supplied by you, check the status of your order first and proceed with the process.

B) When accepting a shipment always check if the shipment includes all boxes and if these are undamaged. Goods that are missing from a shipment should be reported to us within one working day after receiving the shipment. We reserve the decision right to grant such claims. No shipping cost credit will be issued on any shipment.

C) We will not be responsible for damage to goods during the shipping process or for any costs involved due to late or non arrival to the extent that the delay is due to any event outside our reasonable control.

D) Please note that when shipping products internationally, you should be aware that cross-border shipments are subject to opening and inspection by customs authorities.

E) Please note that shipping costs are dependent on the size and dimensions of the ordered and shippable parts.